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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HDPE Sheets Supplier Delhi,India

HDPE Sheets are polyethylene thermoplastic sheets manufactured from petroleum. These sheets are generally used in plastic bottle production and in producing plastic lumber, geomembranes, piping with corrosion resistance because of its huge strength to density ratio. The molecules in these sheets have little branching which provides these with stronger tensile strength and intermolecular forces. These sheets have higher specific strength and are more opaque and harder and have the capability to withstand higher temperatures like 230 degree Fahrenheit or 110 degree centigrade continuously and 248 degree Fahrenheit or 120 degree centigrade for shorter periods.

The products which are manufactured from these sheets enjoy immunity to humidity, high traffic requirements, graffiti and vandalism. These products absorb or swell with water like other substances and do not chip, splinter, delaminate or crack. These products are available in various chemical compositions, colors and textures. These products can be tailor made or customized according to the requirements of thermoform ability. These products may have additives like flame retardants, anti microbial agents, stabilizers, antioxidants and blowing agents which produce cellular micro foam. The additives also protect these products against UV light.

The HDPE Sheets possess some unique features which include tear resistance, conformation to the movements of sub soil, thermal weathering and UV resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, crack resistance and environmental stress, very low permeability, recyclable, repairable and puncture resistance. 

These sheets have extensive range of applications, some of which include in radioactive waste dumping, hydro or thermal power plant, fly ash ponds lining, for secured hazardous waste dumping solid waste landfill, concrete structures masking at places like bridge, jetty, port, spill containment for petrochemical and chemical industries, lining of ETPs, industrial reservoirs, lining of sludge ponds or solar evaporation ponds, floor lining and foundation lining.

These sheets are used in various commercial applications like chemical equipment and tanks, truck bodies, filter plates, kick plates, machined parts, food processing applications, thermoforming, machined parts, packaging and wall covers. Lockers are made from these sheets which are used in stadiums and schools and provide with high humidity, aquatic facilities and vandalism as it is easier to destroy wood or metal lockers than these lockers. These sheets are used for making toilet partitions because of their immunity to marking, features like easy cleaning and durability. 
These HDPE Sheets are very useful in various industrial applications like in containment tanks. Chemical containment tanks utilized in fishery industry use these sheets which provide supreme water tight conditions and easy cleaning procedures. These are also used in other various industries like medical industry, marine industry, beverage and food industry etc.
These sheets are available online. Persons or organizations interested in these can browse the official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail from them.

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LDPE Sheets Manufacturer Delhi, India

LDPE Sheets are thermoplastic sheets which are fabricated from monomer ethylene. Free radical polymerization is used through a high pressure process in manufacturing these sheets. At room temperatures these sheets are non reactive except that swelling is caused by some solvents and strong oxidizing agents. These sheets can withstand for a short time 95 degree centigrade and continuously can withstand 80 degree centigrade. These sheets are fabricated with opaque or translucent variations.

These LDPE Sheets are quite tough and flexible but are breakable. These sheets have weaker intermolecular forces because these consist of atoms which are more branching. These sheets have higher resilience and lower tensile strength. For the side branches these sheets contain molecules which are less crystalline and less tightly packed. These sheets have lower density and consist of chemical elements of hydrogen and carbon.

These LDPE Sheets have excellent resistance to concentrated and dilute alcohols, acids, esters and bases. These have good resistance to ketones, aldehydes and vegetable oils. These have short term use or limited resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic, oxidizing agents and mineral oils. These sheets are not recommended to use and have poor resistance with halogenated hydrocarbons.

These LDPE Sheets are extensively used for fabricating different dispensing bottles, containers, wash bottles, plastic bags, tubing, for several molded laboratory equipment and for computer components. Mainly these sheets are used for manufacturing plastic bags and the other items made from these sheets include work surfaces with corrosion resistance, general use containers and trays, parts which are used for machining and have weld ability, pliable and very soft parts like snap on lids, parts which serves well and require flexibility, six pack rings, plastic wraps, playground slides, computer hardware slides like optical disc drives, screen cards and hard disk drives. These sheets are used as outer and water proof inner layer in milk and juice cartons which are laminated with paperboard and with aluminum foil layer to provide aseptic packaging.

LDPE Sheets are of food grade substances which are very flexible and are used worldwide successfully for the purpose of preservation of Natural Resources. These sheets possess some unique properties which include non toxic, inert material, weathering and ageing, critical friction angle, thermal expansion having low co efficient, seam ability, weld ability, conformability and deformability to soil, puncture resistance and flexibility.

These sheets are also used for the above properties in various applications of construction and agricultural industries. Some of which include linings of ponds, reservoirs, distributaries, canals, industrial effluent plants, packaging, trenches, tunnels, in terrace gardens for waterproofing, salt pans, sports stadiums, concrete bridges and roads, at airport in runways and aprons, for covering instruments, cement, chemicals, cotton, fertilizers and food grains and during emergencies in natural calamities for the shelter houses.
These sheets are easily available online. Persons interested can browse the official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail from them.

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PP Sheets Manufacturer Delhi, India

PP sheets are also known as sheets of polypropene. These sheets are made from thermoplastic polymers which are utilized in an extensive variety of applications including textiles like carpets, thermal under wear, ropes etc., labeling and packaging, plastic parts, stationery, various types of reusable containers, loudspeakers, laboratory equipment, polymer banknotes and automotive components. 

These sheets which are used commercially are isotactic or semi crystalline which have the level of crystallinity intermediate between the high density polyethylene or HDPE or low density polyethylene or LDPE. These sheets are usually flexible and tough especially when these sheets with ethylene are copolymerized. This allows these sheets to be utilized as competing with substances like ABS or as an engineering plastic. PP sheets are relatively economical and when uncolored can be designed translucent but like other plastic sheets as acrylic or polystyrene are not readily designed transparent. These sheets are colored using pigments or are often opaque. These sheets have excellent resistance to fatigue.

At a certain range the melting points of these sheets occur so by finding the highest temperature of a chart of differential scanning calorimetry, the melting point of these sheets are determined. These sheets which are perfectly isotactic have melting point of 340 degree Fahrenheit or 171 degree centigrade. These sheets which are commercially isotactic have range of melting point from 320 to 331 degree Fahrenheit or 160 to 166 degree centigrade which depends upon the factors of crystallinity and atactic materials. These sheets which are syndiotactic have melting point of 266 degree Fahrenheit or 130 degree centigrade with 30% of crystallinity.

There are three manufacturing process used to fabricate these sheets. In hydrocarbon suspension or slurry a liquid inert hydrocarbon is utilized to facilitate the transfer to the catalyst from propylene which is diluted in the reactor. This hydrocarbon removes or deactivates the catalyst, eliminates heat from the system and also helps the atactic polymer in dissolving. In bulk slurry or bulk liquid propylene is used rather than the diluents liquid inert hydrocarbon. The polymer is carried on the liquid propylene and it does not liquefy in the diluents. The polymer which is formed is withdrawn and the monomer which does not react flashes off. In gas phase, gaseous propylene is used and when with the solid catalyst it comes in contact, a fluidized bed medium is produced. 
These PP Sheets are used in various promotional, packaging and protective applications. These sheets are used in making heat molded and extruded plastic items. These sheets are easily available online. Persons or organizations interested in availing these can directly contact the manufacturers.
We are manufacturer & Supplier of Pp Sheets, our Sheets are symmetrical in texture and excellent in shape durability.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HIPS Sheets Supplier Delhi, India

HIPS Sheets are inexpensive lightweight plastic substances which are used for low strength structural applications as these sheets have machine ability and resistance to tearing and impact. The durability of these sheets is improved by modifying these with rubber additive. These sheets are mostly utilized for machining pre production prototypes as these sheets possess excellent dimensional stability and are simple to design, paint and glue. These sheets are utilized for handling trays which can provide accommodation for lightweight products. 

These polystyrenesheets offer consistency and matted surface which provides easy printing application on one or both sides. These sheets are also available in roll stock form which are also suitable for Flexographic or Lithographic printing of displays, signs, POP graphics, trans-lights, cards and tags. These sheets are ideal to be formed for stipulating end-use applications in the dairy, food and medical packaging industries. The features of these sheets guarantee compliance with strict medical and food regulations. These sheets are also suitable for die cutting, thermoforming and form fill seal applications. These polystyrene sheets are low residual volatile which are mainly functional in packaging for odor and taste sensitive products. 
HIPS Sheets are simple to process plastic and are glossy which are durable and sturdy. These sheets have resistance to high impact and are flexible substances which can be utilized for a varied range of applications. These sheets are also visually attractive and hygienic. These sheets are extensively used in packaging industry especially for food packaging because of its exceptional properties of hygiene, strength, ability to retain heat, visual appearance and does not deform so are also used for applications of general warm water. These sheets are used for making products like salad bowls, plastic cutlery and yogurt holders. These sheets also have applications in packaging products of other industries like refrigerator linings, CD cases, as trays in medical industry etc.
The products fabricated from these sheets are extensively used in fast food industry because these are cost effective and can be recycled which decreases the consequences on the environment. Through the recycling of these sheets many occupations are created. As these sheets are light weight these requires less costs for transportation. These sheets are easy to store and pack. These retain heat well and also provide superb insulation. These sheets are of less cost than any other packaging materials which offers the retailer with more profit and the consumer with lower costs.

These HIPS Sheets possess excellent hygienic features so are used for food products. These sheets also retain shape so can easily be used with warm beverages and food which does not lose shape for few hours. These sheets are easily available on line. Persons interested can browse the internet to avail these directly from the manufacturers.

Core Features of our Product :

  • Sterling Di electrical, Tensile and Flexural Strength 
  • Surface in Plain, Smooth and Matte Finish
  • Available in Roll & Flat Sheets
  • Splendid Adhesion with Ink

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ABS Sheets Supplier, Delhi, India

ABS Sheets and its various properties

ABS Sheets are the common thermoplastic sheets, Its also known by Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Sheet. The glass transition temperature of these sheets is 105 degrees Centigrade approximately. These ABS sheets do not have any true melting point because these sheets are amorphous. These sheets are terpolymer and are fabricated by polymerizing acrylonitrite and styrene in the presence of polybutadiene. The proportions produced can vary and acrylonitrite is produced about 15 to 35 %, styrene is 40 to 60 % and butadiene is 5 to 30 %. A criss-crossed long chain of polybutadiene is the result along with some poly styrene-co-acrylonitrite shorter chains.

The nitrile chains being polar attract other neighbouring chains and together the chains are bound which makes pure polystyrene and these sheets stronger. An impervious and shiny surface is provided by the styrene. Resilience is provided by the rubbery substance butadiene even at low temperatures. These sheets for majority of applications can be utilized between -4 degrees and 176 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 degrees and 80 degrees Centigrade and with temperature the mechanical properties of these sheets vary. Rubber toughening creates the properties where throughout the rigid matrix the distribution of fine particles of elastomer takes place.

The most significant mechanical properties of ABS Sheets are toughness and impact resistance. A variety of modifications can be made to these sheets to increase the impact resistance, heat resistance and toughness. The proportions of polybutadiene relative to acrylonitrite and styrene can be increased to amplify the impact resistance although other properties are also reflected with these changes. At lower temperatures the impact resistance does not get down quickly. With limited loads excellent stability is there of these sheets under load.

The polymers of ABS Sheets are resistant to alkalis, aqueous acids, phosphoric acids, concentrated hydrochloric, alcohols and vegetable, animal and mineral oils but these sheets can be swollen by carbon tetrachloride, glacial acetic acid and aromatic hydrocarbons. The polymers of these sheets are attacked by nitric acids and concentrated sulphuric acids. The polymers of these sheets are soluble in ketones, esters, acetones and ethylene dichloride. For mechanical purposes these sheets are largely used and these also have extensive range of frequencies and fairly constant over electrical properties. These properties of these sheets are very less affected by atmospheric humidity and temperature in temperatures’ acceptable operating range.

When exposed to high temperatures these sheets are flammable like a wood fire. These sheets will first melt and then these would boil and at this point of time the hot flames are produced by bursting of the intense vapours. Any persistent organic pollutants are not produced when combustion takes place because these sheets do not contain halogens and the toxic products as a result of combustion produced are hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. These sheets can be recycled and are also damaged by UV rays.

These ABS Sheets are light weight and these are used in the manufacturing products of musical instruments like piano movements, plastic clarinets, recorders, in drain waste vent pipe systems, automotive trim components, golf club heads, enclosures for electronic and electrical assemblies, blood accessibility medical devices, white water canoes, buffer edging for joinery panels and furniture, protective carrying cases and luggage etc.

The ABS Sheets easily available online. Persons or organizations interested can browse the internet to directly avail these from the manufacturers.

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Some Attributes of our ABS Plastic Sheets is :

  • Splendid ductility properties
  • Outstanding shapability characteristic
  • Great impact resistance
  • Resistant to extreme tension and force
  • Lower water absorption
  • Applicable for electric welding
  • unmatched tensile strength and ruggedness
  • Withstanding chemicals and acid
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance

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Garg Industries has traversed an illuminated land of success and growth within the short period and put up robust footing in the manufacturing industry of ABS Sheet, that is composed of three chemical compounds like Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. The exacting amalgamation of these molecules makes ABS Sheets long on numerous notable properties.................more...

Our range includes the following:

Product Range
  • PP Sheets
  • Polypropylene Sheets
  • ABS Sheets, ABS Plastic Sheets
  • HIPS Sheets
  • HDPE Sheets
  • LDPE Sheets
  • PPCP Sheets
  • Glow Sign Sheets
  • Industrial Plastic Sheets
Quality Control

Quality is a matter of professional ethics of our company since it saw the light. Therefore, we develop all our products including PPCP Sheets and PP Sheets from the highest quality of constituents....................more..........

Manufacturing Unit

Our infrastructure, sprawling over large area, includes varied departments like Production, R&D, and Quality Lab, which are equipped with a troupe of advanced machines like Extrusion, Forging, Rotomoulding, etc.....................

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