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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HDPE Sheets Supplier Delhi,India

HDPE Sheets are polyethylene thermoplastic sheets manufactured from petroleum. These sheets are generally used in plastic bottle production and in producing plastic lumber, geomembranes, piping with corrosion resistance because of its huge strength to density ratio. The molecules in these sheets have little branching which provides these with stronger tensile strength and intermolecular forces. These sheets have higher specific strength and are more opaque and harder and have the capability to withstand higher temperatures like 230 degree Fahrenheit or 110 degree centigrade continuously and 248 degree Fahrenheit or 120 degree centigrade for shorter periods.

The products which are manufactured from these sheets enjoy immunity to humidity, high traffic requirements, graffiti and vandalism. These products absorb or swell with water like other substances and do not chip, splinter, delaminate or crack. These products are available in various chemical compositions, colors and textures. These products can be tailor made or customized according to the requirements of thermoform ability. These products may have additives like flame retardants, anti microbial agents, stabilizers, antioxidants and blowing agents which produce cellular micro foam. The additives also protect these products against UV light.

The HDPE Sheets possess some unique features which include tear resistance, conformation to the movements of sub soil, thermal weathering and UV resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, crack resistance and environmental stress, very low permeability, recyclable, repairable and puncture resistance. 

These sheets have extensive range of applications, some of which include in radioactive waste dumping, hydro or thermal power plant, fly ash ponds lining, for secured hazardous waste dumping solid waste landfill, concrete structures masking at places like bridge, jetty, port, spill containment for petrochemical and chemical industries, lining of ETPs, industrial reservoirs, lining of sludge ponds or solar evaporation ponds, floor lining and foundation lining.

These sheets are used in various commercial applications like chemical equipment and tanks, truck bodies, filter plates, kick plates, machined parts, food processing applications, thermoforming, machined parts, packaging and wall covers. Lockers are made from these sheets which are used in stadiums and schools and provide with high humidity, aquatic facilities and vandalism as it is easier to destroy wood or metal lockers than these lockers. These sheets are used for making toilet partitions because of their immunity to marking, features like easy cleaning and durability. 
These HDPE Sheets are very useful in various industrial applications like in containment tanks. Chemical containment tanks utilized in fishery industry use these sheets which provide supreme water tight conditions and easy cleaning procedures. These are also used in other various industries like medical industry, marine industry, beverage and food industry etc.
These sheets are available online. Persons or organizations interested in these can browse the official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail from them.

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