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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ABS Sheets Supplier, Delhi, India

ABS Sheets and its various properties

ABS Sheets are the common thermoplastic sheets, Its also known by Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Sheet. The glass transition temperature of these sheets is 105 degrees Centigrade approximately. These ABS sheets do not have any true melting point because these sheets are amorphous. These sheets are terpolymer and are fabricated by polymerizing acrylonitrite and styrene in the presence of polybutadiene. The proportions produced can vary and acrylonitrite is produced about 15 to 35 %, styrene is 40 to 60 % and butadiene is 5 to 30 %. A criss-crossed long chain of polybutadiene is the result along with some poly styrene-co-acrylonitrite shorter chains.

The nitrile chains being polar attract other neighbouring chains and together the chains are bound which makes pure polystyrene and these sheets stronger. An impervious and shiny surface is provided by the styrene. Resilience is provided by the rubbery substance butadiene even at low temperatures. These sheets for majority of applications can be utilized between -4 degrees and 176 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 degrees and 80 degrees Centigrade and with temperature the mechanical properties of these sheets vary. Rubber toughening creates the properties where throughout the rigid matrix the distribution of fine particles of elastomer takes place.

The most significant mechanical properties of ABS Sheets are toughness and impact resistance. A variety of modifications can be made to these sheets to increase the impact resistance, heat resistance and toughness. The proportions of polybutadiene relative to acrylonitrite and styrene can be increased to amplify the impact resistance although other properties are also reflected with these changes. At lower temperatures the impact resistance does not get down quickly. With limited loads excellent stability is there of these sheets under load.

The polymers of ABS Sheets are resistant to alkalis, aqueous acids, phosphoric acids, concentrated hydrochloric, alcohols and vegetable, animal and mineral oils but these sheets can be swollen by carbon tetrachloride, glacial acetic acid and aromatic hydrocarbons. The polymers of these sheets are attacked by nitric acids and concentrated sulphuric acids. The polymers of these sheets are soluble in ketones, esters, acetones and ethylene dichloride. For mechanical purposes these sheets are largely used and these also have extensive range of frequencies and fairly constant over electrical properties. These properties of these sheets are very less affected by atmospheric humidity and temperature in temperatures’ acceptable operating range.

When exposed to high temperatures these sheets are flammable like a wood fire. These sheets will first melt and then these would boil and at this point of time the hot flames are produced by bursting of the intense vapours. Any persistent organic pollutants are not produced when combustion takes place because these sheets do not contain halogens and the toxic products as a result of combustion produced are hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. These sheets can be recycled and are also damaged by UV rays.

These ABS Sheets are light weight and these are used in the manufacturing products of musical instruments like piano movements, plastic clarinets, recorders, in drain waste vent pipe systems, automotive trim components, golf club heads, enclosures for electronic and electrical assemblies, blood accessibility medical devices, white water canoes, buffer edging for joinery panels and furniture, protective carrying cases and luggage etc.

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