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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HIPS Sheets Supplier Delhi, India

HIPS Sheets are inexpensive lightweight plastic substances which are used for low strength structural applications as these sheets have machine ability and resistance to tearing and impact. The durability of these sheets is improved by modifying these with rubber additive. These sheets are mostly utilized for machining pre production prototypes as these sheets possess excellent dimensional stability and are simple to design, paint and glue. These sheets are utilized for handling trays which can provide accommodation for lightweight products. 

These polystyrenesheets offer consistency and matted surface which provides easy printing application on one or both sides. These sheets are also available in roll stock form which are also suitable for Flexographic or Lithographic printing of displays, signs, POP graphics, trans-lights, cards and tags. These sheets are ideal to be formed for stipulating end-use applications in the dairy, food and medical packaging industries. The features of these sheets guarantee compliance with strict medical and food regulations. These sheets are also suitable for die cutting, thermoforming and form fill seal applications. These polystyrene sheets are low residual volatile which are mainly functional in packaging for odor and taste sensitive products. 
HIPS Sheets are simple to process plastic and are glossy which are durable and sturdy. These sheets have resistance to high impact and are flexible substances which can be utilized for a varied range of applications. These sheets are also visually attractive and hygienic. These sheets are extensively used in packaging industry especially for food packaging because of its exceptional properties of hygiene, strength, ability to retain heat, visual appearance and does not deform so are also used for applications of general warm water. These sheets are used for making products like salad bowls, plastic cutlery and yogurt holders. These sheets also have applications in packaging products of other industries like refrigerator linings, CD cases, as trays in medical industry etc.
The products fabricated from these sheets are extensively used in fast food industry because these are cost effective and can be recycled which decreases the consequences on the environment. Through the recycling of these sheets many occupations are created. As these sheets are light weight these requires less costs for transportation. These sheets are easy to store and pack. These retain heat well and also provide superb insulation. These sheets are of less cost than any other packaging materials which offers the retailer with more profit and the consumer with lower costs.

These HIPS Sheets possess excellent hygienic features so are used for food products. These sheets also retain shape so can easily be used with warm beverages and food which does not lose shape for few hours. These sheets are easily available on line. Persons interested can browse the internet to avail these directly from the manufacturers.

Core Features of our Product :

  • Sterling Di electrical, Tensile and Flexural Strength 
  • Surface in Plain, Smooth and Matte Finish
  • Available in Roll & Flat Sheets
  • Splendid Adhesion with Ink

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