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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LDPE Sheets Manufacturer Delhi, India

LDPE Sheets are thermoplastic sheets which are fabricated from monomer ethylene. Free radical polymerization is used through a high pressure process in manufacturing these sheets. At room temperatures these sheets are non reactive except that swelling is caused by some solvents and strong oxidizing agents. These sheets can withstand for a short time 95 degree centigrade and continuously can withstand 80 degree centigrade. These sheets are fabricated with opaque or translucent variations.

These LDPE Sheets are quite tough and flexible but are breakable. These sheets have weaker intermolecular forces because these consist of atoms which are more branching. These sheets have higher resilience and lower tensile strength. For the side branches these sheets contain molecules which are less crystalline and less tightly packed. These sheets have lower density and consist of chemical elements of hydrogen and carbon.

These LDPE Sheets have excellent resistance to concentrated and dilute alcohols, acids, esters and bases. These have good resistance to ketones, aldehydes and vegetable oils. These have short term use or limited resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic, oxidizing agents and mineral oils. These sheets are not recommended to use and have poor resistance with halogenated hydrocarbons.

These LDPE Sheets are extensively used for fabricating different dispensing bottles, containers, wash bottles, plastic bags, tubing, for several molded laboratory equipment and for computer components. Mainly these sheets are used for manufacturing plastic bags and the other items made from these sheets include work surfaces with corrosion resistance, general use containers and trays, parts which are used for machining and have weld ability, pliable and very soft parts like snap on lids, parts which serves well and require flexibility, six pack rings, plastic wraps, playground slides, computer hardware slides like optical disc drives, screen cards and hard disk drives. These sheets are used as outer and water proof inner layer in milk and juice cartons which are laminated with paperboard and with aluminum foil layer to provide aseptic packaging.

LDPE Sheets are of food grade substances which are very flexible and are used worldwide successfully for the purpose of preservation of Natural Resources. These sheets possess some unique properties which include non toxic, inert material, weathering and ageing, critical friction angle, thermal expansion having low co efficient, seam ability, weld ability, conformability and deformability to soil, puncture resistance and flexibility.

These sheets are also used for the above properties in various applications of construction and agricultural industries. Some of which include linings of ponds, reservoirs, distributaries, canals, industrial effluent plants, packaging, trenches, tunnels, in terrace gardens for waterproofing, salt pans, sports stadiums, concrete bridges and roads, at airport in runways and aprons, for covering instruments, cement, chemicals, cotton, fertilizers and food grains and during emergencies in natural calamities for the shelter houses.
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